One hundred percent of the Kateswell Collective funding will be restricted to the Falls Cancer Club, Inc., cancer patient fund to help cover cancer-related medications, hospital bills, doctor bills, food supplements or medical equipment for our registered patients.

Payment of medical services is not the only thing that the Falls Cancer Club, Inc provides to our registered patients, but also includes the following:

  • A personal “Visitor” who is assigned to each registered patient who is responsible for collecting all Doctor/Hospital bills and to be there to listen to the registered patient’s needs and wants
  • No patient is ever referred to by name but by a number when bills are presented to the membership each month
  • Two local pharmacies in the City of Cuyahoga Falls that bill the Falls Cancer Club, Inc., directly for the registered patient's pharmaceutical, supplemental and equipment needs each month
  • Twenty-four-hour access to the registered Visitor or President of the Falls Cancer Club, Inc.

Assisting our registered cancer patients is becoming increasingly challenging due to the rising costs of doctors, hospitals and medical supplies. Please consider donating your time or funds today.